Understanding The Header Structure

Pre, Main & Post Areas

Our Header Builder is a 3 tier system that made up of a Pre-Header area, a Main-Header area and a Post-Header area. Each one of these area’s can be used alone or in combination with each other.

Header Area Layouts

Each header area can be be assigned different layout. The layout options consist of Left and Right or Center positions.

You can can assign an element to any of these selected positions in your selected header area.

More Options Include:

  • Sticky header area's
  • Header scroll reveal's
  • Full width or boxed header Area's
  • Transparent overlay headers
  • Header area hidden panels
header layout
Pre-Header Area  

Your Logo

Or Phone Number

Quick Menu Maybe

Date Countdown ?

Bread Crumbs

Maybe Search

Ad Banner?

Or Main Menu

Social Icons, done.

Main-Header Area
Post-Header Area
Note: Each section can be turned off, You can have Left and Right OR Center

Build Your Header, Your Way

Available Header Elements

01. Primary Menu

The Primary Menu is your main site menu that your top level pages are featured in.

02. Secondary Menu

The Secondary Menu is a handy suplimentary menu that you don’t want in the primary.

03. Logo

What more to say, it’s your logo. Either use a logo image or type text and a tagline.

04. Social Icons

The social icons display the social networks icons you want, icons available part as Font Awesome.

05. Ad Banner

An area for you to place a leaderboard or ad image to promote or monetise your site.

06. Breadcrumbs

Handy for backtracking. Leave a trail and let you users know where they are in your site.

07. Countdown

Save the date. The countdown will display an important date and inform you of how long to go.

08. Search

Easy peasy search. Just a simple search field to the main menu system or by its self.

09. Header Text

Great for phone numbers, address’, custom links, basically any text or html you want to include.

10. Cart

Have a store? Add a quick cart summary and link to the check out in your header.

11. Slidebars

Got extra content to display, put in in a "Slide Bar", a hidden panel that displays when needed.

12. Feature Overlay

More hidden content. Include buttons or icons that triggers an overlay feature to house any content.